Terms and Conditions

  1. Orders: All orders are accepted subject only to these Terms and Conditions which are not variable by any individual or party acting in any capacity whatsoever for or on behalf of themselves or Rutland Biodynamics Ltd (hereinafter called ‘The Company’), excepting only as provided for in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Contract: The customer acting as the purchaser agrees these terms and conditions binding the purchaser to payment upon delivery of goods delivered.
  3. Cancellation: Any order received by the Company and confirmed in writing (by payment, letter, facsimile, on-line shop or email) will be the contract binding the customer to acceptance and payment in full for the goods ordered if and when the goods become available and are delivered, unless, within sufficient time, the Company receives written notification of cancellation of the Order. In this context, the Company shall at its discretion absolutely define the term ‘Sufficient Time’ at the written request of the customer indicating a desire to exercise the option to cancel the order.
  4. Delivery: Proof of attempted delivery according to the purchasers’ instruction is sufficient to enforce the contract. All goods are offered and Orders are accepted provisionally until completed subject to availability and natural seasonal fluctuations. Orders which can only be part-filled will be correspondingly part-filled. The price for any proportion of the Order filled will be as agreed at the time of Order. The Company will not be liable for any inability or decision not to fulfil all or part of any order.
  5. Shortages: Claims for short deliveries will not be entertained unless notified in writing within 7 days of receipt.
  6. Specifications: Due to constant product development and innovation, the Company reserves the right to alter specifications or process without prior notice.
  7. The Product: The products supplied are natural products subject to a degree of variability. Analyses, if provided, refer to the batch and date identified. Shelf-life will vary with storage conditions and under no circumstances will the company accept liability for product incorrectly stored. In regard of storage,  current ‘GMP for Pharmaceuticals’ protocols are a minimum requirement. The risk of spoilage passes to the customer upon delivery. Store in cool dark dry air tight containers unless otherwise advised. Any complaint as to quality must be made in writing and received by the Company together with a sample within 72 hours of delivery.
  8. Price: Price may be subject to fluctuation due to conditions out of our control. Prices in a printed catalogue were correct at the time of publication and should be taken as a guide only.
  9. Resale: Preparations manufactured by the Company are sold  as ingredients for finishing as lawful products  in any jurisdiction into which they are sold. Within the UK this sale may be to herbal practitioners to make up into products for patients on a one-to-one basis and for re-sale only under the general exemptions for herbal medicines in Sections 12.1 and 56 of the Medicines Act 1968, or to bona fide students of courses recognised by the European Herbal Practitioners Association for use under course supervision. Any indication of usage or administration is expressly withheld by the Company. If in any doubt, consult a qualified herbal practitioner.
  10. Carriage: All delivered goods are subject to carriage charge which will be quoted on request.
  11. The price: The price is in pounds sterling quoted on the price list current at the time the order is invoiced by the Company unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  12. VAT: All invoices are subject, where applicable, to VAT at the prevailing rate.
  13. Minimum order value: £20.00 before carriage costs.
  14. Payment: should be made in pounds sterling by bank cheque, draft or other means agreed between the Company and the Purchaser. Cheques should be crossed ‘A/C Payee’ and made payable to Rutland Biodynamics Ltd.
  15. Payment terms: Strictly 30 days nett from delivery. Interest is chargeable under Sec 69  County Court Act 1984 daily @ 8% above the current Bank of England base rate on any amount due and unpaid after 30 days. If any part of the account is unpaid after 30 days, the whole account becomes due for payment immediately.
  16. The title: All goods invoiced remains the property of the Company until paid for in full.
  17. Law: Dealings of the Company including the application of these Terms and Conditions will at all times be subject to the Law of England and Wales, the Courts of which will have sole jurisdiction in all matters pertaining.