Research & Development

At Rutland Biodynamics, we continue to focus study and research into understanding the many qualities that go to make up medicinal herbal products. Our methods of research vary from sowing and field trials to laboratory-based work.

In addition to routine testing, including shelf life testing of our own products, we now have an impressive library and database of botanical analyses, and the experience enabling us to offer clients full QC certification and routine analysis per European Pharmacopoeia and British Herbal Pharmacopoeia. Find out more about our contract laboratory services.

An important part of our research work is the investigation and development of holistic techniques of quality control in herbal medicine, such as the capillary dynamolysis (or steigbildemethode – literally ‘picture forming’ method) developed by anthroposophical scientists. This was supervised for many years by the Department of Biological Science at the University of Central Lancashire and continues on the farm and within the lab.

In addition to this ‘blue sky’ research, we have recently put a great deal of resources into bringing some very old licensed herbal formulae (pre-dating the existence of medicines control) back into currency. This has involved working closely with both herbalists and regulators, for the ultimate protection and benefit of the health of consumers.