Rutland Biodynamics offers to help practitioners solve Coronavirus pandemic

By Paul Chenery MNIMH

Medicine is frequently facing new challenges that have to be dealt with pragmatically, urgently and in the absence of rigorous peer reviewed science.

In the case of the new coronavirus, about which we know precious little, it seems reasonable to expect that the virus will be best controlled in the short and medium term by community acquired immunity to low, non-life threatening levels of exposure.

It thus seems possible that sectors of the population may well need to get through temporary periods of incapacity in order to acquire such immunity. It follows that the faster such immunity is acquired by those exposed, the shorter their incapacity will be and also, presumably the shorter the period will be when they are capable of spreading life-challenging levels of infection.

The herbalists’ immediate best-known general immune stimulator, with special effectiveness in respiratory disease, is of course preparations made from Echinacea species.

This is a major opportunity for herbalists to show what they can do to help the world and, in order to try to help our practitioner customers deal with this threat, we have therefore made immediately available from today and, will remain selling until the pandemic has passed, large stocks of our top selling tincture Echinacea purpurea Whole Plant Tincture 1:2 45% at half price.

This is a very broad spectrum mixture of high specification dried root tincture with fresh organic flowering herb tops.

0020H Echinacea purpurea Whole Plant Tincture 1:2 45% 500ml
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0020L Echinacea purpurea Whole Plant Tincture 1:2 45% 1L
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