In September we were delighted to announce that our new sales office had finally opened on the farm. This is to allow us to re-focus on our core interests – professional service and quality.

You can now email Alan Johnston at, fax 01572 770808 or telephone 01572 757440

Terrific discounts – plus free carriage for orders over £100 are currently being offered for all purchases paid with order. The Maximum discount available is for purchases by debit card or bank transfer  either through the online shop at: or by email, fax or telephone.

Ahead of the game, Rutland Biodynamics has extended it’s superb ‘ERP’ software, specially custom written for the business, over many years. This finally gives us really accurate stock information at a glance, allowing us to ensure that you have no unnecessary waits for stock to come through the system (although being natural products, most years, the occasional product is unavoidably out of stock but that is not the same as carelesly running out of labelled bottles). Running a small business that manufactures more than a thousand lines to international quality standards is quite complex and it has taken us almost 10 years to reach the stage where movement of all goods, from the moment herbs are harvested (or bottle tops are bought, or labels printed) through to the moment they leave our premises, are automatically tracked and stock volumes adjusted in real-time as they change. Now we have added to this, allocation of stock to customer orders on a real-time basis, so that the same goods can never be sold to two different customers – previously a cause of some confusion in our less sophisticated days! This is a one-off in the industry and is another demonstration of Rutland’s commitment to invest in customer service standards, even during these difficult days of recession.