The World Health Organisation (Geneva, 29th May 09) has called for drug companies to make available increased stocks of anti-virals, at a cost that can be afforded by the world’s populations.

Although we are not one of those drug companies, Rutland Biodynamics has been receiving calls from concerned practitioners about the sustainability of the supplies of our fresh Echinacea purpurea tincture, fluid extracts and of other Echinacea species.

This is because Echinacea species has been widely held for many years to be the main anti-viral and anti-influenza herbal medicine available in Europe. In addition, Echinacea is believed to be an immuno-stimulant in humans and has well demonstrated anti-bacterial properties that are effective in the control of the symptoms of the common cold.

We are pleased to re-assure all parties that we are able to supply in the region of up to 2,000 litres of various Echinacea tincture and fluid extract forms immediately (enough for 400,000 single doses of 5ml) and that we have further (currently unestimated) stocks currently in the field, that are due to be harvested this year.

Following advice from Christopher Hedley (please see also Christopher’s  comments below), about the immense value of Eupatorium in America during the great ‘flu outbreak of a century ago,   we have increased our stocks of Eupatorium perfoliatum, with a 1:1 25% fresh tincture.

Please enquire for bulk prices.


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