25% herbal tinctures may be as high as 65% water. We are often asked if we use public mains tap water in our medicines. The answer is an emphatic NO!

Actually we do not use public mains water anywhere on the farm at all, with what we need being drawn from our own artesian well. Problems with using tap water in herbal medicine are legion, from interference with solubilisation of plant lipid complexes to the production of a nasty ‘scum’ on the surface and the presence of common micro-organisms.

We stopped using public mains water in 2006 and have since seen a great improvement in everything from the cleanliness of vessels after rinsing to the quality of the tea in the canteen!

Our water originates in prehistoric river gravels and some may be melt water from the last ice-age. After this water is brought to the surface, it is passed through a complex series of filters, with the final water used in the medicines being of extremely high grade purity – around 200 times purer than most UK mains water and with none of the toxic additives used to control micro-organisms in the public mains.