Herbs and swine ‘flu

The herbs most favoured by professional herbalists for the present pandemic are,

For fever:

BONESET (Eupatorium perfoliatum, also known as feverwort). For the duration of the current pandemic, or whilst stocks last, this is being offered to professional practitioners only on a not-for -profit-basis.

Eupatorium perfoliatum:  Rutland grown GMP quality fresh organic extract
1:1 25%  code 0740 £14 per litre      code 0740H £8.50 per half litre
1:2 25% code 0739 £10 per litres     code 0739H £7 per half litre

For prophylaxis and fever treatment:

ECHINACEA species (and of these our biggest seller, by far, is fresh biodynamic organic Echinacea radix 1:2  code 0021)

ELDERBERRY (fresh biodynamic organic 1:1 code 0140 or 1:2 code 0142).

(Incidentally, the Elderberry is really a delicious drink and mixed in with the otherwise unpalatable Echinacea, makes it really quite bearable, especially when the patient is feeling down – and not to mention the almost instantaneous and relieving diaphoresis.)

For building immunity:

ASTRAGALUS – 1:1 organic code 0820 or  1:2.     2009 new crop organic root arriving from USA shortly and our own home grown fresh biodynamic organic hopefully available before November.