Quality Assurance and Certification

To download a copy of our current certificate of GMP compliance, please click here.

Please click here for our MIA (Manufacturers and Importers Licence)

To download a copy of Rutland’s current Certificates of Biodynamic and Organic herbal products, and the associated schedule of certified Biodynamic organic herbs grown on the farm

Quality Assurance (QA) is the term given to the whole business ethos and runs through everything everything we do – right from the suppliers we deal with, to the recall systems we maintain. Part of QA is Good Manufacturing Practise (cGMP), which is controlled by our Quality Management System. This was begum in 2004 and took 6 years to develop into the license (MIA 28255). This constantly and formally maintained, updated and modernised in compliance with the evolving regulatory scene currently found at http://ec.europa.eu/health/documents/eudralex/vol-4/index_en.htm . This has a far wider remit than just Quality Control (which is the testing of products). Every action is controlled by SOPs giving absolute assurance of safety and quality.

Our company staff includes a professionally qualified medical herbalist, a plant scientist, a forensic scientist and chemist.

Quality from Seed to Bottle

Seeds are carefully selected from our own home saved harvest where possible; otherwise they are bought in from organic growers with years of experience. Our experienced and qualified growers study the rhythms of nature and apply this experience to sowing and harvesting dates. Herbs grown on the farm are almost all hand-harvested and always at the peak of their vibrancy. Our collectors are trained by us and some have worked here for almost 10 years. In these ways, we can control the quality in ways generally unavailable to industrial warehouses.

Recyclable Packaging

Our herbal products are dispensed in British-made ISO 9000 High Density PE bottles, which are the tried, tested and preferred choice by herbalists over many decades. Our packaging is all recyclable with tamper evident tops – find out more about packaging and recycling.

Quality Control

At various stages during the process, manufacturing and distribution of our products, samples are taken for validation and verification in our laboratory. These tests involve standard pharmacopoeia testing, such as:

  • Analytical chromatography (high performance liquid and planar or thin layer)
  • Microscopy including stomata and stomatal index
  • Foreign matter
  • Total and acid insoluble ash
  • Loss on drying
  • Ethanol soluble extractive and insoluble residues
  • Water soluble extractive
  • Alcohol estimation
  • Swelling index

We also offer these and other laboratory services to other manufacturers, individuals and producers. For further information and enquiries please contact us.

New Techniques in Quality
Control of Herbal Medicines

A simple but relatively novel laboratory technique has been used to observe comples physico-chemical properties of whole medicinal plant extracts. The technique is called ‘capillary dynamolysis’, and has been used in the investigation of Biodynamic and organically grown food. The technique shows some promise in helping to control, and further elucidate, the complexity of herbal action.

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