3 reasons why top herbalists choose Rutland


More detail about this most essential subject is available by clicking this link.   To see why one of the UK’s most popular herbalists prefers fresh tinctures, please click here.

Rutland Biodynamics has had it’s own Quality Control Laboratory for over 10 years, which has been MHRA approved since 2006. Our claims for current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) status are valid, simply because they are backed up by independent and rigorous government inspection services. We do not use untested or unidentified imported herbs, or with dangerous microbial loads – and, unlike some claims, we can prove it. Practitioners owe it to themselves and to their patients to request a current certificate of good manufacturing practise from their supplier – ours is published here


Rutland Biodynamics exists to make sufficient profit only to develop the farm business in the service of herbal medicine. Some years past this meant higher costs than those companies that were not as heavily committed to either GMP or to environmental awareness. Our prices are now lower than importers’ products as, since the financial recession, the costs of home grown herbs have actually fallen in real terms, and it has been our pleasure, as well as our duty, to pass on these cuts to you.

* You will now find that our catalogue is amongst the most reasonably priced in the market – and almost 8% less than this time last year.

Download our up-to-date catalogue here: January 2010 Price list + catalogue

To order, please go to the Online Shop

* Because we do not want you to pay for others’ credit, we will give you a healthy 5% discount if you pay with order through the on-line shop, and 4% if you pay with order by phone 01572 757440, fax 01572 770808 or by email sales@rutlandbio.com

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The vast bulk of our product is genuinely sustainably grown by experienced British growers (MNIMH), under biodynamic organic certification. Ecological responsibility and purity are pivotal factors in herbal medicine and we pay thousands of pounds a year to provide independent proof of this, for your peace of mind. Click here for more on certification

Rather than just talk, we do also open up the farm for you on a certain number of days per year. Please do come and visit us on an open day. For more information see News and Events or better still sign up to our Newsletter on the right hand side of this page, to receive automatic notification of News, Offers and Events.


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