About Us

We have been manufacturing a wide range of the finest fresh herbal extracts for almost ten years, during which time we have become the practitioners favourite grower and manufacturer of ingredients (APIs), which are now produced here on the farm under UK GMP License.

Our farm is worked according to Biodynamic practices and we are proud to hold the Demeter symbol. Certification requires complete traceability and sustainability but also includes a total environmental audit of all our activities from seed, land and packaging through to composting and drainage. Click here for our current certification.

This organic approach focuses on the stimulation of life forces in the soil by the application of biodynamic preparations and compost, producing the most vibrant botanicals. It also honours the relationship of planetary influences on plant life and the rhythms of nature, forces that permeate all life. For more information, go to Why Biodynamics.

BOAA Demeter

Our processing and distribution are run according to current Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceuticals (cGMP) as set out by the United Kingdom Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority.

We are authorised by the MHRA to manufacture products licensed under the 2004/24/EC (License MIA/ML 28255).

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